Tanya Flores of Flores Productions

Hello, and welcome to my site and web design business, Flores Productions.  My name is Tanya Flores and I became hooked on computers at a young age.  It all started with my first job where I was responsible for large volumes of data entry and I loved it (yes, I really did)!

As my experience and education increased, I worked various roles in the business world and quickly learned how technology can enhance our professional lives and offer a world of opportunity.

Streamlining productivity, creating a unique online presence and delivering information clearly are just some of my professional passions.  My enthusiasm for technology is my catalyst for giving my clients the utmost in service while assisting them with their web design and digital print goals.  

Please contact me for more information.  My online resume is available.

Inside Website and Graphic Design

There's no reason not to have a GREAT website and DYNAMIC graphics.

I take considerable time planning and designing websites for each client based on their message, product and service. Your website and digital/print presentation will be designed around what you desire, not what I dictate. Remember, whether someone finds you online or in person, you want to give the best impression.



Custom Graphics.

Content Writing

Well-Written Content.

Color Themes

Your Look & Color.

video & Audio

Video & Audio.

Social Media

Social Media.


Active Blogging.


Showcase Products & Services.


Your Message. Your Business.


Be Mobile-Ready.



Questions? Contact Flores Productions.